Monday, February 3, 2014

Fashion Icons of the Music Industry

Hey there! So it's no surprise that music influences us on a very deep level. Yes it gets stuck in our heads, and it might occupy space that is meant for the details of the math test you are about to take. Nevertheless it is a valuable, therapeutic pastime that we adore. I am truly lucky to grow up in a time where so much technology is used for entertainment. Today we can keep up with our favorite artists via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify without it being socially unacceptable. So today I will be talking about a few of my favorite artists that are my personal style icons not only for their fashion choices but also for their incredible music projects.

Santigold is such an inspiration to me! The lyrics in her songs contain such great messages that our youth needs to understand! Her style gives off very positive, upbeat vibrations which always make me smile. Her genre would be described as a rap/electronic hybrid. It's the type that would fit in perfectly with the Beastie Boys! They collaborated in "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win".

Here my favorite remix of "Don't Play No Game I Can't Win"by Beastie Boys Feat. Santigold

Marina and the Diamonds has by far the most artistic concepts for music videos that I can't compare her to anyone else. It has taken her a while to put them together but it was worth the wait. You can't hurry perfection, right? Her style is all over the place and I love it. If I could choose to wear clothes from only one singer's closet it would be Marina's. 
Here is my favorite music video of hers: "Primadona" 
Beyonce! This one is self explanatory. Her confidence and attitude towards life is what makes her remarkable because no one else handles being a role model and a business woman that seriously. Props! 

This is my favorite music video because of all the fashion! (and the killer dance moves)

 Shakira! This girl has been inspiring me ever since I was old enough to know how to use a radio. I was/am a walking encyclopedia of her songs. She has a rocker/ gypsy vibe that is very poetic and I love it! She has collaborated with many fabulous people including Beyonce and she also works as an activist.
This video is still my favorite of hers because this song gets me pumped. "Whenever, Wherever"
 Gwen! Known for her rocker/ retro look which I adore! She is such an icon!
Favorite song: "Just a Girl"

 Oh Lana! What will we do with you! She is bringing the 60's back with grace!
"National Anthem" by Lana Del Rey

So, if you haven't discovered Spotify yet you should give it a go!
 It is a free music listening service that you can get on your mobile device as well as your laptop!
(gives you access to millions of songs)
*Disclaimer: Spotify didn't pay me to promote them. I have just discovered so much awesome music on there, so I recommend it to everyone!
So that wraps up my favorite style icons from the music industry. Thanks for stopping by!
I would love to know your fave fashion icons in the comments!
Take care!- Ignis Au


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