Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Online Time Travel Mart

Hey there! So today I just discovered the Online Time Travel Mart through Tumblr, and I have never been so amused and excited about something like this! It is basically the coolest concept for a little future boutique shop. They sell so many adorable things. Here are some of my favorite.
50 year calendar
 Meeting Yourself Doesn't Have to Be Weird Card
 Industrial Revolution Pollution
Portable Wormhole
I just found these things to be so unique and interesting decor items for that science fiction junkie.
I hope to visit them any time I find myself in L.A. For the mean time the online store will do!
These are perfect white elephant gifts. I honestly don't understand why I have a habit of buying impractical items that I will never use, but they are so much fun! Just look at them!
If you guys are interested in visiting the online store just click here.
Thanks for stopping by!- Ignis Au


  1. Wow that is so cool so gonna check them out!
    I just followed you on bloglovin and would love a follow back <3

    1. I'll follow you back!
      Thanks for the support! :)