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I know that the title of this blog is very different to that of other common blogs and I would really like for you to understand the thought process that went through my brain at the time I was creating it. The following content is from my first blog post "Le Philosophy".

Le Philosophy!

Well, since we are not very familiar with each other, i'll let you into my brain for a sec.I have this philosophy that states "life is the greatest design challenge you will ever experience". You are probably thinking, "how did you come up with this?". The shower is where many great ideas are born the hygiene is just a bonus. So after this moment of enlightenment I began to challenge my own theory. Aesthetically speaking, life is a design challenge. We all have gotten in the habit of adjusting our surroundings such as our homes, wardrobe, and body to adjust to our sense of comfort and expectations. However, achieving a certain mentality is also a design challenge (the same goes for health, spirituality, etc.) there are many factors that mold us as humans. Some of these factors include traumatic experiences, a heated debate, a book we just read, or our religious practices. There is also the never ending nature vs. nurture debate that keeps us wondering what we are most influenced by. Does being born into a particular socio-economic background influence us more than the environment that we have been raised in? Or do both join together to construct who we are today?So, life is a design challenge!Whoever you may be, whatever it is that you have gone through, you still have the power to design the rest of your life to your liking!It may be a limited design challenge due to what you can and can't control. However the reaction to the situation is the gold of the matter. It determines how sharp you are in the game of life which contrary to Julian Casablanca's belief is like a game of chess.Follow the Aurum = Follow the Gold (whatever that may be to you)Welcome to my blog!-Ignis Au xoxo

Let me tell you a few things about me.
 I am currently a college sophomore and a business major. I have extensive knowledge on event planning and dress making. I am a licensed cosmetologist and beauty junkie. Some of my favorite hobbies include playing on Pinterest, working out and discovering new music on Spotify. So feel free to follow me on Pinterest and ask me any questions that you would like to have answered.

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